Crown & Bridgework

Crown & Bridgework in Wilton, Connecticut

Crowns & Bridgework are necessary components to every dentist’s list of treatments.  The Center for Complete Health Dentistry in Wilton, Connecticut looks at crowns as the restoration of choice if there is a significant amount of tooth missing.  A dental veneer on the other hand, only covers a tooth’s forward facing surface and requires natural tooth structure as a foundation.

Crowns allow teeth to function normally by strengthening the teeth that are damaged.  Dental technology has come a long way in the last decade and has brought crowns that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, crafted from porcelains or dental ceramics.  These crowns can even be designed to improve the original appearance of a tooth.

Many dentists use other materials besides porcelain to create dental crowns.  Dentists over the years have been known to use gold for durability, but we tend to stray away from using that metal for crown building due to the drop in aesthetics.  Porcelain-fused-to-metal-crowns, or commonly referred to as PFM, have been popularized in recent years because of their strength and more natural appearance.

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Bridgework at the Dental Office

Creating a lifelike replacement for a missing tooth is another way dentists use crowns.  Bridgework is how this process is done.  Bridgework will span the space of the tooth that is missing and requires three simple crowns.  The process begins with two crowns being placed over the healthy teeth on both sides of the missing tooth.  We’ll be getting slightly technical in saying that these healthy teeth are often referred to as abutment teeth.

The two newly crowned “abutment” teeth become a foundation for the third crown which can be found between them.  Often, if more than a single tooth is missing, there will need to be more crowns in order to bridge the gap between healthy teeth and missing teeth.

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