Teeth Grinding Relief Treatment

Jaw Pain Relief from grinding your teeth is possible at The Center for Complete Health Dentistry in Wilton, Connecticut.  People all over Fairfield County don’t realize that the stiffness in their jaw upon waking is a symptom of overnight teeth grinding and jaw clenching.  Bruxism is a condition that encompasses the grinding of your teeth and the clenching of your jaw at night.

Bruxism often leads to the wearing of teeth and can lead to tooth breakage.  The result of worn teeth is an alteration of one’s bite.  Many Dental Clinics will deal with this problem by addressing the symptom, worn and broken teeth, and using cosmetic dentistry to reconstruct those once healthy teeth.

Unfortunately, the root cause of the worn teeth is often not addressed, leaving an expensive cycle of cosmetic dental work needing to be done.  Our Dental Office in Wilton views your jaw pain as a sign of Bruxism, a precursor to a degenerative TMJ disorder, and we work to address the root cause immediately.

If you suffer from jaw pain or notice your teeth look worn please contact your local dentist in Wilton at (203) 762-5800 for a consultation.