Dentures & Partials

Dentures & Partials are for our patients in Wilton who are missing more than just one tooth, several teeth or have lost all their natural teeth.  Adults often consider the idea of having their remaining natural teeth extracted because removable dentures and partials are a cost-effective way to keep their smiles.

The most common question we get at The Center for Complete Health Dentistry is: What are Full Dentures and Partials?  We’re going to do our best to answer your common dental questions without using dental terminology.

Your new teeth, or false teeth, will be crafted by our experienced dentists in a laboratory using very detailed impressions of your teeth and bite.  These impressions, combined with models of your mouth, allow us to incorporate the unique details of your teeth that make your smile unique and removable.  The size, shape, shade and even color of gum tissue is completely customizable to individual needs or preference.

The replacements are removable and secured to a base that will fit gently over your gums.  We will tweak the dentures to make sure they properly fit your upper or lower jaw.

The Difference Between Dentures & Partials

Partials are used rather than dentures when there are only a few missing teeth.  In most cases a partial is created instead of a full denture when the missing teeth are either 100% in the front or the back of the mouth.  Having your front teeth missing or back teeth missing will call for a partial rather than a full denture.

Most of the partials we make at our Wilton Dentistry are created with a durable acrylic base that is of metal descent.  Having a few natural teeth remaining is a requirement for partials because we must anchor the partial into place.

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