Sleep Apnea and Snoring Relief

Finding a Sleep Apnea Expert with effective CPAP alternatives is difficult because CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is the most prescribed sleep apnea treatment in Connecticut.

CPAP alternatives are often sought out by those suffering from sleep apnea because of the discomfort continuous positive airway pressure often causes.

We have many CPAP alternatives available for our dental patients including:

  • Custom Sleep Guards
  • Oral Appliances
  • Holistic Sleep Apnea Approaches
  • Minimally Invasive Treatments
Sleep Apnea: The Facts

Sleep disorders affect millions of Americans.  22 million or more Americans are affected by sleep apnea alone.  Snoring is the most common symptom of this disorder, but close to 80% of sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed.  According to research, untreated sleep apnea is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Your body needs quality sleep to keep it’s organs running smoothly. To avoid the serious diseases associated with sleep apnea disorder, it’s recommended that a sleep study is done to determine if you have the disorder.  These sleep studies can be done comfortably at home.  Contact our office today at (203) 762-5800 for your sleep apnea consultation.