NTI-tss™ Migraine Relief in Wilton

Having trouble finding a Migraine Specialist in Connecticut? NTI-tss™ is a simple oral device that significantly reduces jaw tension for many adults suffering from severe migraines.

Are you suffering from morning headaches? Does your head or jaw hurt upon waking? Do you frequently get migraines in AM hours?

Morning headaches can be a sign of jaw triggered migraines.  Often times a significant source of head pain actually is in your jaw.

The area of the jaw is comprised of a very complex structure of bones, joints, muscles and nerves.  These anatomical structures needs to work in perfect harmony for talking and eating.  When their harmony is disrupted you can feel significant tension or pain in your head, neck and face.

How does a Dentist Relieve Migraines?

Many people looking for a migraine specialist in CT aren’t looking in dental offices.  However, ​NTI-tss™ is a powerful oral device that can help you find the head and jaw pain relief you’ve been searching for.  The device is able to protect your jaw muscles from contracting therefore avoiding the 7-8 hours of muscle tightening that’s often responsible for neck pain, migraines and jaw pain.

Most patients find NTI-tss™ to be very similar to a mouth guard that reasonably comfortable to wear due to it’s ability to be custom fitted by our local dentists in Wilton, CT.

If you’re tired of dealing with headaches and looking for migraine pain relief contact us at (203) 762-5800.